Mixer @ E3: The Final Countdown

the countdown to e3 2019 begins.

In just 11 short days, the Mixer team will be down in Los Angeles – not to sunbathe on the beach, as much as we’d like it – but at the LA LIVE Center making sure everyone attending E3 2019 has a chance to experience all the awesomeness we have in store for all at the Mixer Dome.

Inside the Mixer Dome we’ll be hosting HypeZone LIVE. Competitors featured on HypeZone LIVE will have the chance to win a new console of their choice while playing APEX Legends, a game redefining the next evolution of the Battle Royale genre. Attendees will also have the chance to watch their favorite gaming personalities on the Mixer @ E3 LIVE stage, hang out with Mixer Partners, score free swag and immerse themselves in the unique visual experience of the Mixer Dome!

oh, and did we mention that we’ll also have one of the most anticipated titles at e3 2019 playable in the mixer dome? we’ve got all that, and much more, at the mixer dome. we can’t wait to see you all, the huairm.community, celebrate the biggest week in gaming alongside us!

开扫雷群的经验交流and for those of you at home – we certainly haven’t forgotten about you! this year, mixer will be bringing e3 2019 directly to you with more exclusive streamed content, announcements, live game demos, and interviews than ever before.

here’s what you need to know:

E3 Content Schedule

mixer will be the only destination you’ll need to catch all the latest and greatest news and excitement during e3 week. here are a few special details we’d like to point out:

  • Starting on Saturday, June 8, you’ll be able to watch all of the major E3 briefings from Xbox, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Square Enix, EA, PC Gaming Show, and more.
  • Mixer will be the only place you can watch the Xbox Briefing in full 4K glory, while also earning free goodies through MixPot! To earn your MixPot, make sure you are logged-in and watching at the time of the show. (For a rundown on MixPot, head .)
  • We are also hosting the “Sea of Thieves: Mixer Invitational – Battle for LA” live tournament on Monday June 10th, 11 AM, featuring our Mixer Partners and their crews!  Five teams will enter the Arena to try and score a gold-plated Xbox One X console. This stream will also feature an exclusive MixPot, awarding the Onyx Four Pack!
  • Mixer will exclusively stream live from Xbox FanFest inside the Mixer Dome on Monday, June 10, from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. PT. For the first time ever, everyone at home will be able to get a glimpse inside this epic fan event, and we’ll have some special FanFest giveaways and other epic surprises during the stream! Follow #XboxFanFest on social channels for all updates!
  • Mixer @ E3 LIVE, HypeZone LIVE, and Mixer Matchups: Race to E3, will all be streaming live from the Mixer Dome daily from Tuesday, June 11, to Thursday, June 13.

Mixer E3 Hub

That’s a lot to keep track of. Which is why, today, we’re adding some brand new features to Mixer to help you out – just in time for E3!

Today, we’re re-launching our Mixer E3 Hub开扫雷群的经验交流. The Mixer E3 Hub will help you keep track of when and where all the E3 2019 broadcasts will be happening. You can access the Mixer E3 Hub at , or by clicking the “E3 2019” logo at the top of the Mixer homepage. Head over now to start following your favorites so you don’t miss a beat when E3 2019 starts!

you may also notice that huairm.com, the mixer app on xbox, ios and android and the mixer twist on the xbox dashboard, are refreshed to help you get into the e3 spirit! we’ve also created an “e3 2019” game category, along with a special “e3 2019” content row just below the carousel, to make sure you find all the best e3 content at any given moment.

for our mixer app users, you can now set notifications on your phone when each e3 2019 briefing is set to go live, so you can avoid missing any of breaking news or exciting gaming action unfold at the event.

in the leadup to e3 2019, we’ll also be launching brand new mixer e3 stickers. check out all our fresh designs and start using our new mixer e3 stickers on your favorite channels!

Partner Rebroadcasting

We’re grateful for our awesome Mixer Partners who want to share all the exciting E3 game announcements with their communities. Because of this, we are happy to officially support Partner Rebroadcasting.

开扫雷群的经验交流with partner rebroadcasting, verified mixer partners can capture the feeds from any of the e3 content on mixer, provide their own commentary, run polls to predict what content/announcements will happen, and much more to share the e3 excitement with their audiences!

it is always top of mind for us to keep supporting our mixer partners with more tools to engage with their communities, so go and enjoy an e3 viewing party with your favorite streamers!

开扫雷群的经验交流have a great e3 – and stay tuned on , , and for the latest updates from the show floor as they happen!